Lightyear unveils the world's first long-range solar car

Lightyear recently introduced the first long-range solar car. One morning at dawn, the prototype was presented to a selected audience consisting of investors, partners and the press in Katwijk (The Netherlands).

Lightyear on the road to success with its solar car for long distances

Lightyear was founded in 2016 by former members of the Eindhoven Solar Team, which won the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in 2013, 2015 and 2017. From the word go, Lightyear has received diverse awards, funding and also support from a variety of major investors.

Managing director and co-founder Lex Hoefsloot has this to say:

"All this has enabled us to develop working prototypes for the first long-distance solar car in just two years. We have already sold more than 100 vehicles. With Lightyear One, we wish to demonstrate that our technology makes it possible for us to build one of the most sustainable cars on the market, a vehicle which can also provide outstanding comfort."

Lightyear One focuses on "ultra efficiency"

The Lightyear One was designed from a very different perspective. The main objective of the car is to step in where electric cars currently still show up major shortcomings. Research shows that the distances to be covered and the lack of charging possibilities are still the main concerns of potential buyers when considering the purchase of an electric car.

Lightyear One solves these problems with the so-called "ultra efficiency". On the one hand, such efficiency leads to a remarkable range of 725 kilometres (as per WLTP) with a relatively small battery. And on the other, it can charge directly by means of the sun, since its energy consumption is significantly lower. This corresponds to an annual energy value of up to 20,000 kilometres.

Further highlights of the solar car:

  • The Lightyear One is manufactured from high quality materials that enable the lowest possible weight for a vehicle while still adhering to strict safety regulations for passengers.
  • The long-distance vehicle is powered by four independently controlled wheels so that there is no energy loss during transmission from the engine to the wheel.
  • The roof and bonnet of the "One" consist of five square meters of integrated solar cells protected in safety glass. These solar panels are so strong that a fully grown person can walk on them without damaging the cells in any way.
  • In addition to topping up on solar energy, the Lightyear One can be charged at a (quick) charging station and also by means of a regular 230 volt socket.


HELLA - the partner for lighting and electronics with a true passion

We are proud that HELLA is able to make a contribution to this innovative and groundbreaking invention with two products from our core competences of lighting and electronics. For the vehicle boasts our innovative accelerator pedal and also our 90mm bi-LED modules.

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