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As a friend of the independent workshop, we want to make daily business faster, more profitable and future-proof. For us, this also includes the provision of appropriate training to support workshops in the daily challenges.

Autonomous driving

How will the future develop as a result of the megatrend “autonomous driving”? This is the core topic in our training video. Among other things, it is about the question of which systems and components we can expect and what this means for the market and the workshop in terms of products and diagnostics. Afterwards, an ADAS calibration "basic setting of the adaptive cruise control system" is carried out as an example.

Digitalisation of light 2.0

In this video, we would like to show what the digitalisation of light means for us and what changes this will bring for workshops and how they can best prepare for it. In addition to modern lighting technologies, the new requirements and challenges for diagnosis and maintenance are also explained. Afterwards, a headlight adjustment with the camera-based SEG-V will be carried out on an LED headlight as an example.

Connected workshop

Our concept of the connectes workshop offers a vivid target picture in which an exemplary workshop is already fit for the automotive future. The classic workshop business with its dynamic environment will change in the future. Connectivity will play a major role in future success, as complex technologies and new market participants offer new challenges and opportunities. In this video, we show flexible and simple solutions for workshops to handle all activities efficiently while building a strong business for the future.

Live training Automechanika: high-voltage expertise for the e-mobility of the future

The transformation of the automobile from the classic combustion engine to the electric drive is making great strides. Country-specific regulations for the registration of new vehicles seal the path of the automobile of the future.

In this video we would like to show how HELLA and Hella Gutmann strengthen the existing product portfolio, offer repair solutions for e-mobility and thus act together as pioneers for e-mobility.