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Welcome to the mega macs family | What matters nowadays is reliable communication with all relevant vehicle systems and lightning-fast interpretation of all data and error codes. Benefit from the best that modern diagnostic technology can do for your business.

mega macs X - the revolution in vehicle diagnostics

mega macs X

The mega macs X is completely different to the old norm: it revolutionises the way we work and communicate with vehicles. Hella Gutmann's most flexible diagnostic solution to date has cutting edge technology and is easier to handle than ever before.

  • Low-cost start
  • Flexible and simple use
  • Individual configuration of functions
mega macs 56 Superfast diagnostics in a compact format

mega macs 56

mega macs 56 is particularly compact and agile when it comes to vehicle communication and error code interpretation. The multi-talent is equipped with an extra-fast processor and enables a high-performance measurement module to be retrofitted with an extremely precise multimeter.

  • Extra fast diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • State-of-the-art measurement technology
  • Compact and lightweight for mobile use
mega macs PC - tuning for your workshop computer

mega macs PC

mega macs PC can be installed on almost any commercially available PC and communicates with all relevant control units. Read out error codes, reset service intervals or calibrate systems and components. Get to over 49,000 vehicle models intuitively and securely by just clicking the mouse.

  • Control unit communication with all relevant vehicle systems
  • Service support for specific jobs, such as those carried out for glass servicing or in paint shops
  • Maximum vehicle coverage with minimum complexity
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