Experiencing the thrill of a rally knows no age limit


When it comes to the subject of "rallying", many of you automatically think of the Dakar Rally, in the past also known as the Paris-Dakar Rally. This marathon of a desert race is a real challenge and demands the utmost both from the teams and the vehicles they drive.
Not only do driving skills decide on success or failure but also the right workshop team is a huge factor - because repairs and replacement of wearing parts are permanently needed, jobs which often have to be carried out under pressure of time.

In January 2019 this traditional rally is taking place exclusively in Peru in South America.
Once again the Dutch team "Mammoet Rallysport" is participating - and this time they are bringing something quite unique to the race: the youngest team member that the desert event has ever seen!

Mitchel van den Brink is only 16 years old – reducing the age limit drastically. In fact, participants have to be 18 years old. But an official exemption opened the door for this youngster. And, thankfully, he also received support from his school. So it is easy to imagine how delighted Mitchel really is: "It's fantastic to be given this chance. I'd like to thank all the organizers and I also want to give special thanks to my school. For me it's a dream come true!"

Mitchel will be present at the side of his father as a mechanic and navigator. The team, which includes Wouter de Graaff as well as the father and son duo, is being sponsored by HELLA Benelux with lighting and electronic products. The LED light bar 470 is one of the things ensuring that their Renault truck has the right amount of visibility – and hopefully a good helping of success.

We'd like to wish the entire team and especially Mitchel all the best for the forthcoming desert race.