Position sensors
Position sensors

Position sensors (CIPOS®)

  • More than 400 million sensors produced since 1999
  • Temperature robustness, high accuracy and measuring speed
  • Flexible integration and easy assembly

HELLA’s CIPOS® technology (contactless inductive position sensor) is essential for precise position measurement.

We also supply products that use magnetic sensor technology and combinations of magnetic sensor and CIPOS® technology.


  • Position sensors

CIPOS® technology is an easy-to-use and precise method of position measurement. The measuring range of rotary sensors (angle), linear sensors (lane) and segment sensors can be flexibly selected. Angles can be measured using end-of-shaft or through-hole sensors. Extremely small dimensions can, in particular, be measured with linear sensors in the centimeter range. CIPOS® is easy to install and insensitive to mechanical fault tolerances. In addition, these sensors are largely unaffected by temperature fluctuations.

Because the ASIC is designed for high temperature ranges (175°C), the sensor is ideal for applications in the engine compartment.

No magnet is required, the CIPOS® sensor guarantees immunity from nearby magnetic fields and power lines.

The technology is therefore ideal for use in electric vehicles.

CIPOS® offers solutions for ASIL-A to ASIL-D according to ISO standard 26262 and all common interfaces for sensors used in automotive manufacturing (analog, PWM, SENT, PSI5 and SPI).

CIPOS® technology is used in the following areas:

  • Accelerator pedal sensors
  • Throttle position sensors
  • Transmission range sensors
  • Camshaft/crankshaft sensors
  • Steering sensors
  • Vehicle level sensors
  • Engine compartment actuators
  • Motor position sensors
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