Memory seat modules
Seat control Modules


  • Cross-platform scalability
  • Full diagnostics capability through CAN or LIN connection
  • Cost efficient design

Memory seat modules (MSM) save and control the driver’s personal comfort settings.

These include the positions of the seats, mirrors and steering wheel as well as the pedal positions and seat belt height.

The heat seating module (HSM) controls the heating, ventilation and cooling.

HELLA supplies a standardized module for saving seat settings and controlling the air conditioning.

Separate modules for these functions are also available on request.


  • Memory seat module (MSM)

Both HELLA’s memory seat module (MSM) and heated seat module (HSM) are independent control units that coordinate control of personal comfort settings. They are directly wired to the engine and the position switches.

This robust and compact solution makes it possible to control up to 10 different seat motors.

The MSM is capable of motoring seat positions via Hall sensors or potentiometers and it includes HELLA’s robust fault protection hardware and algorithms.

With an optional LIN interface, the MSM can also act as the memory master for mirrors, the steering column and other personalized vehicle functions.

The heated seat module (HSM) offers dual-zone or four-zone heating, cooling and ventilation functions for the seats and also supports applications housed in the rear seats.

  • Noiseless operation thanks to use of semiconductor components
  • Cost-efficient design based on standardized hardware with unpopulated components to support flexible feature settings
  • Cross-platform scalability due to easy calibration of feature settings
  • Robust and proprietary fault protection algorithms
  • Connected to CAN or LIN network with full diagnostics capability

HELLA’s memory seat modules provide drivers with a high level of comfort.

By saving the individual settings, the driver can be sure that the seat, seat belt and mirrors will return to the desired position.

The heated seat module further allows the vehicle occupants to choose between heated, cooled or vented seats.

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