Body control modules
Body control module (BCM)

Body control modules

  • Functional integration for cost efficiency
  • Scalable control unit concept
  • Longstanding series production experience

The body control module (BCM) is the electrical heart of a vehicle.

A modern vehicle must be more than just a means of transport. It has become a key part of our lives and offers a wide range of convenience and safety functions. BCMs represent the main hardware and software components for these functions.


  • Body control modules

Body control modules combine and manage comfort and safety functions as well as the power management system. BCMs also provide the diagnostic interface when repairing or servicing the vehicle. Whenever the driver turns on the lights, heats up his seat or uses the windscreen wipers, the BCM acts as the control center. Inside a well-equipped mid-range car, the BCM communicates with about 60 different ECUs. As part of an integrated energy management system, it helps to minimize the vehicle’s overall energy consumption.

BCMs from HELLA thus help to reduce a vehicle’s overall CO2 emissions.

With more than 25 years’ experience in developing and manufacturing BCMs and over 100 million devices sold, HELLA is one of today’s leading global BCM suppliers.

Alongside our global production network, we offer full technical support and maintain worldwide development sites.  

Our product range is used in the compact, mid-size and premium car categories and in the truck sector.

HELLA’s BCMs support our customers in achieving their environmental, cost, functional and quality targets.

We supply modular BCM solutions with scalable hardware and software, providing the flexibility that allows us to meet our customers’ individual requirements. HELLA is fully dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction and top after-sales service. We underline our leading role in innovation and proven reliability by pursuing a continuous improvement and quality strategy.

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  • Customized and highly integrated solutions
  • Scalable and flexible integration platform
  • AUTOSAR compliant software and interfaces
  • SPICE, ASIL and ISO 26262 (functional safety) compliant
  • BCM development is embedded in the HELLA competence network of:
    • Lighting systems
    • Vehicle access systems
    • Energy management
  • Simulation-supported development methods
  • Global development and production network for mass-produced electronics
  • Global reach ensures local customer support
  • Body_Electronics_Mid_Level
  • Signal control and distribution for:
    • Comfort functions
    • Safety functions
    • Fuel efficiency and emissions reduction
    • Diagnostics functions
    • Connection/gateway to the key vehicle data communication networks (e.g. CAN, LIN and others)
  • Model-based SW coding
  • Combined power and signal distribution/control with integrated relays
  • SMD assembly, press-fit connectors
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