Li-ion battery electronics


  • Ensures the safe and reliable function of lithium-ion batteries for full hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Cell balancing allows extension of range
  • Insulation monitoring unit developed in cooperation with Bender GmbH & Co. KG

Li-ion battery electronics monitor voltage, temperature and current.

This input is used to ensure the lifetime, reliability and safety of the battery system.


  • Li-Ion battery management system

HELLA’s lithium-ion battery management system consists of:

  • A scalable number of cell controllers for cell balancing, voltage and temperature measurement
  • A battery management unit, incl. battery monitoring algorithm
  • A shunt-based high voltage current sensor
  • Electronics ensures safe use of lithium-ion batteries
  • Cost-effective system architecture
  • Complete high voltage lithium-ion battery management system from one supplier
  • Modular and scalable approach for the use in different platforms (hybrid/electric vehicles)
  • Insulation monitoring unit from HELLA in cooperation with Bender GmbH & Co. KG controls the system with regard to insulation failures
  • Flexible housing options for maximum functionality and cost savings
  • Solution independent of cell technology used