Fuel pump control modules
Fuel Control Modules
Fuel pump control modules

Fuel pump control modules

  • The fully sealed housing allows for both interior or exterior mounting
  • Ideal for cross-platform applications to benefit from economies of scale
  • Demand-responsive operation of the various DC and EC motors

Suitable not only for fuel pumps and power steering pumps, but also for magnets and actuators.


  • Fuel pump control module

Diverse module variants (including simple single-function fuel control modules) read in a low weak current duty cycle of a PWM (pulse width modulation) control signal and convert it into a PWM output signal. Complex multi-function EC motor or DC motor control modules provide several interfaces for sensors, communication and additional actuators. HELLA supports sensor-based and sensorless EC motor applications. Fuel control modules can be individualized according to specific customer requirements.

  • Improved fuel economy
  • Production of over 4 million modules every year
  • Global production facilities
  • Demand-responsible fuel pump control improves economy and extends the engine lifetime
  • Cost-efficient design based on standardized hardware and software platform
  • Integration of additional functions

HELLA's fields of expertise:

  • Project teams in North America, Europe and Asia
  • Specialists for optimized module thermal management
  • Experience in software, hardware and mechanical design
  • Global production capacity
  • Motor_Control_Modules_white_2014_HELLA
  • Fuel pump control modules
    Operating voltage 6 V to 18 V (4.5 V to 18 V for PWM output)
    Operating temperature -40 °C to +125 °C
    Power consumption Up to 20 amps
    Electrical interfaces HS-CAN, PWM outputs, analog and digital inputs
    Protection features All inputs and outputs are protected against short to ground and short to battery
    Outputs PWM output with up to 20 A at 20 KHz
    Motor types BLDC and DC motor
    Motor control Sensor-based or sensorless

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