Pedal Sensors
Pedal Sensors


  • Global market leader, production experience since 1996
  • Customer specifications possible
  • Use of robust HELLA CIPOS® technology

To satisfy the customer demands for environment and safety, HELLA offers suspended and floor mounted Accelerator Pedal Sensors as well as Feedback Accelerator Pedal Sensors.


  • Sensors Suspended APS Bentley

For more than seventeen years HELLA is the market leader for Accelerator Pedal Sensors. HELLA was the first component manufacturer to develop and produce Accelerator Pedal Sensors of this kind.

The Accelerator Pedal Sensor is part of the vehicle’s drive train and delivers the
intention to increase or decrease speed to the engine’s electronics by measuring the pedal position.

Apart from the Accelerator Pedal Sensor HELLA offers the Feedback Accelerator Pedal Sensor to meet the customers demand of intuitive communication. Depending on the driving situation (e.g. inefficient driving) the pedal gives the driver an indication by vibration, knocking or variable force resistance.

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  • Technological and market leader for Pedal Sensors
  • Extensive application know-how due to field experience since 1996
  • Precise position control with HELLA CIPOS® (accuracy of ±2%) or potentiometer technology

Accelerator Pedal Sensor

  • Comprehensive tests ensure a high and sustainable level of quality
  • Customer specific design, small packaging and adaptable haptics
  • High reliability due to robust design

Feedback Accelerator Pedal Sensor

  • Compact and integrated design
  • Cost attractive solution providing vibration or knocking
  • Force step/peek applicable
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