Medium sensors

Medium sensors

  • Leading market position
  • Longstanding series production experience (since 1996)
  • Global system development and application support

For over 18 years, HELLA has been recognized as an innovative market leader for engine oil management sensors.

The function of the oil sensors ranges from monitoring oil temperature and level to oil pressure.


  • Medium sensor

These oil sensor functions improve overall fuel economy and maintain proper engine oil conditions in various driving situations. Modern engine oil management systems provide real-time information to help reduce the total cost of ownership (e.g. extended oil change intervals, reduced fuel consumption). If, for example, the oil level becomes critically low or the oil temperature extremely high, the sensor will alert the corresponding warning signal in time for the driver to react.

That’s why HELLA integrates its multi-chip module (MCM) technology in every oil sensor.

In addition to the basic field of oil management, including oil pressure and temperature, HELLA is developing a combined sensor.

This sensor integrates the two basic functions at one mounting location; fuel temperature and pressure detection.

This innovative concept minimizes assembly, installation and housing costs while improving overall functionality and robustness.

In addition to product development, HELLA focuses on sensor applications in the general vehicle system.

Supporting customers in the ongoing development of this system is one key way in which HELLA boosts its market leadership in oil sensors. Team-oriented cooperation with customers from the development phase to mass production is guaranteed by HELLA’s development and sales sites, with central development located in Germany.

  • Leading market position with more than 70 million sensors in the market and an annual volume of more than 11 million oil sensors (PULS+OPS)
  • Over 17 years’ experience in engine oil monitoring and sensor applications Sensors in the system ensure compliance with EURO 5/6 standard to meet CO2 regulations in future engines and reduce gasoline consumption
  • Optimized temperature balance with precise temperature measurement
  • Proven multi-chip module (MCM) technology as standard in all oil sensors
  • Ultrasonic level measurement makes a mechanical dipstick superfluous and warns if fill level is too low
  • Continuous monitoring of dynamic and static oil level
  • Global system development and application support from design to production
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