Vacuum pumps
Vacuum pumps

Vacuum pumps

  • Global market leadership 
  • Supports all engine types, including hybrid and electric vehicles
  • On-demand control enables energy savings and increases fuel economy

The braking system is one of the most important systems in a vehicle.

A vacuum pump is usually required to ensure the availability of stable and effective braking power at all times.


  • Vacuum pump

Until recently, the majority of brake boosters used the vacuum generated by the internal combustion engine’s intake section. With new engine technologies (e.g. hybrid vehicles, downsizing) or in specific operating conditions (e.g. during the cold start/warm-up phase, driving at extreme altitudes or when using the air-conditioning system), the vacuum produced by the engine is no longer sufficient. 

Electric vacuum pumps are used to ensure the reliable operation of the brake booster.

Aside from the internal combustion engine, modern engine technologies such as those found in electric or hybrid vehicles are not able to build up vacuum pressure.

The electric vacuum pump is therefore required to generate an alternative or additional vacuum for these technologies.

This additional vacuum pump ensures compliance with the latest safety standards, while reliable running of the braking system, which operates with pneumatic brake boosters, is maintained.

With longstanding experience and worldwide reach, HELLA has been the global market leader for many years.

There are three different types of pumps available.

HELLA supplies vacuum pumps for any application, from compact to high-power pumps, depending on the required vacuum performance.

  • UP5X Vaccuum Pump
  • Reduction in energy requirements thanks to on-demand pump operation
  • Helps to reduce CO2 emissions
  • Independent of combustion engine technology
  • Maintenance-free (dry running and self-lubrication requires no connection to the oil circuit)
  • Electrically driven vacuum pumps support a flexible vehicle platform concept
  • Optimized housing
  • Global production and development sites in Germany, Mexico, Romania and China
  • Booster volume: 4 L
  • Voltage: 13 V
  • Temperature: RT

UP28 UP30  UP32 UP5x 
Nominal voltage 13.5 V 14 V 13 V 13 V
Average current consumption
between thresholds
< 10 A < 15 A < 18 A < 15 A
Lifttime data 600 h 1200 h 1200 h 1500 h
Maximum vacuum level (below ambient pressure level) 86%
(≥ 88% typical)           
(≥ 88% typical)                   
(≥ 88% typical)              
≥ 90%                         
50% from ambient pressure ≤ 5.5 s ≤ 3.5 s ≤ 3.1 s ≤ 3.0 s
70% from ambient pressure ≤ 11 s ≤ 7 s ≤ 6.2 s ≤ 5.5 s
Booster Size 3,2 l 4 l 5 l 5 l
Acoustics < 70 db (A)    < 77 db (A)     < 78 db (A) < 73 db (A)

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Vacuum pumps

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