Engine compartment actuators


  • Experience since 1996
  • European market leadership
  • Precise position control with HELLA CIPOS® technology

The engine compartment actuators enable precise and reliable positioning of the various flaps in turbochargers and cooling circuits.

They make a significant contribution to fuel economy and reducing CO2 emissions. 


  • Engine compartment actuators

Engine compartment actuators handle a range of tasks in diesel and gasoline engines, e.g. control of turbochargers, exhaust gas doors or exhaust gas recirculation systems and the engine and split cooling valve.

The home position is determined and regulated using the contactless inductive position sensor (CIPOS®).

The CIPOS® technology developed by HELLA is extremely robust for position sensing.

Engine compartment actuators from HELLA also feature high-temperature-resistant connection technology.

Depending on the actuator design, the electrical interface can be implemented using PWM, CAN, SENT or an analog signal.

HELLA has been producing this type of actuator since 1999 and is the global market leader in universal turbo actuators with more than 10 million units sold.

The company has production sites in Germany, Mexico, China and Romania.

  • High accuracy over full temperature range
  • High reliability due to durable and robust design
  • Intelligent and standardized variants available
  • Precise position control thanks to HELLA CIPOS® technology, with an accuracy of ± 2%
  • Flexible electronics design compatible with various E/E architectures
    • Standard: without integrated position control algorithm
    • Intelligent: integrated position control algorithm
  • Worm gear system for reduced power consumption
  • Individual adjustment and programming capabilities (also in application)
  • Experience in turbo actuators since 1999
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