Intelligent battery sensors
Intelligent Battery Sensors
Intelligent battery sensors


  • Flexible production platform for manufacture of over 15 million sensors every year
  • Global market leader
  • Flexible design to reduce application complexity

The intelligent battery sensor is crucial to ensure good energy management.


  • IBS

The intelligent battery sensor (IBS) assumes a key role in successful energy management. The sensor measures the current, voltage and temperature directly at the battery. These represent the input data for the advanced battery algorithm that supplies the following information:

  • State of charge (SoC)
  • State of health (SoH)
  • State of function (SoF)

This information is used to enable various energy management functions for the internal combustion engine and intelligent alternator control to reduce CO2 emissions.

Furthermore, the sensor can help reduce the risk of a breakdown due to a weak battery. The mechanical design is characterized by a cost-effective, compact design with maximum flexibility for different cable variants and integration solutions.

Advanced battery algorithms support a wide range of different battery models, allowing for affordable installation in the vehicle.

Thanks to its global production network (Europe, NAFTA, China and Korea), HELLA is in a position to supply locally-manufactured sensors to all markets.

  • Over 30 mio. HELLA Intelligent Battery Sensor in the field with production experience since 2000
  • Worldwide market leader
  • Flexible design to reduce application complexity
  • Available for high voltage and truck applications
  • Precise shunt-based measurement of current for high voltage applications and insulated batteries
  • Galvanic isolated LIN communication and supply interface
  • Higher accuracy compared to today’s Hall sensors
  • Precise calculation of ampere hour balance
  • Current consumption < 85 mA
  • Voltage tolerance: Class B
  • Insulation resistance > 5 MΩ (ISO 6469-3)
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