Steering control module
Electromechanical power steering (EPS)

Steering control module

  • Improvement in fuel economy of up to 0.8 l/100 km with electromechanical power steering
  • Maintenance-free and significant weight reductions
  • Flexible mounting positions allow use in all vehicle segments

HELLA has developed a steering control module for electromechanical power steering that enables demand-driven operation of the EPS, thereby increasing the vehicle’s fuel economy.


  • Steering control module

Increasingly stringent regulations on reducing CO2 emissions and rising gasoline prices means that the focus remains on lowering CO2 emissions and fuel consumption.

In the face of this growing demand for fuel efficient products, HELLA offers a steering control module that in comparison to hydraulic power steering is demand-responsive and saves a considerable amount of energy.

The module calculates the required steering support based on the incoming signals from the sensor system.

The module also controls the EPS system’s electric motor power supply. This demand-responsive operation for the engine power supply improves fuel economy by up to 0.8 l/100 km and 20 grams of CO2.

Thanks to a range of mounting options – either in the body compartment or the engine – the steering control modules are ideal for all vehicle segments, from low-price models for the city/compact class all the way to a powerful version for the premium segment.

More than 7 million EPS systems fitted with a HELLA steering control module are currently in use.

This made HELLA one of the three leading European suppliers of EPS systems and steering control modules in 2014 (source:

IHS 2014).

Production and development sites all around the world ensure a global customer base.

Longstanding experience (since 2004) in developing steering control modules guarantees customer satisfaction.

HELLA is currently also developing a new generation of steering control modules that are due to launch by the end of 2017.

This platform will comply with the most stringent safety regulations and AUTOSAR guidelines for more robust design and easy integration in customer software architecture.

  • Easy adaption to requirements of different OEMs
  • Build-to-print service available
  • Most compact steering control module of its type on the market
  • Advanced EPS functions possible
  • Complies with ISO26262 ASIL D specifications
  • Complies with AUTOSAR 4.x
  • For EPS, HELLA also supplies steering torque sensors, combined steering torque/steering angle sensors and engine position sensors based on CIPOS® technology. This is in addition to steering column position modules that enable automatic positioning of the steering column.


Steering control module  Steering column Pinion Gear rack
Engine and steering control module arrangement Body compartment Engine compartment Engine compartment
Assistance At steering column Via pinion (available as dual steering pinion for greater performance) Directly to the ball screw
Gear rack force 6 to 8 kN 7 to 11 kN 9 to 16 kN


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