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  • Longstanding experience in temperature sensors
  • Necessary HVAC temperature sensors provided by one supplier
  • Production and development sites in Germany and Asia

HELLA sensors for vehicle air conditioning control range from temperature measurement inside the vehicle (air inlet and outlet sensor) to measurements directly at the evaporator.


  • 10013368a_OE0-530320

Each sensor variant is made up of uniquely designed negative temperature coefficient (NTC) resistors. The conductivity of the NTC resistors increases and decreases as temperature increases and decreases.

The voltage is therefore dependent on the temperature inside the vehicle, i.e. the temperature is assigned to the resistor of the NTC probe by means of the resistance curve.

Apart from the differently designed NTCs, a distinction is made between open sensor variants which have an open NTC element covered by a protective glass layer and encased sensor variants.

The latter protect the NTC element better against external environmental conditions.

All sensors are available in several versions with different temperature ranges and packages.

They are therefore easily adaptable to the specific requirements and applications of the customer.

HELLA also supplies outside temperature and humidity sensors.

Temperature sensors are part of automatic air-conditioning systems and provide the driver with a comfortable temperature in the vehicle. Strenuous manual control of the air-conditioning system is therefore no longer necessary.

  • Greater driving comfort thanks to continuous optimization of air quality and temperature inside the vehicle
  • Intelligent software provides the air-conditioning system with automatically prepared information
  • Rugged design, third function variant for gas detection available


  • Temperature measurement


  • Encapsulated in glass layer
  • Temperature measurement up to 90°C
  • Very short response time
  • Compact, variable dimensions
  • Rugged design


    Temperature range                 Area of application           Time constant         Mating connector               Enclosed Protection class
    -40 °C to +90 °C Air < 18 s (in oil bath) 13069669696 No IP5K4
    -40 °C to +90 °C Air < 120 s (in air) 13069669696 No IP5K4
    -40 °C to +90 °C Air < 24 s (in air) 1-17 18333-1 No IP5K4
    -40 °C to +65 °C Exterior Air < 35s (in water/alcohol bath) Tyco 2-1437712-5 Yes IP67
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