Trailer tow modules
Trailer tow modules (TTM)

Trailer tow modules

  • Experience in development and production
  • Works with all light source types and a range of hitches
  • Partial networking possible

The trailer tow module manages intelligent communication between the vehicle and trailer, especially for light and trailer functions.


  • Trailer tow modules

The trailer tow module (TTM) is a control unit that manages the direction indicators, rear lamps, rear fog lights, stop lights and reserve lights.

The CAN-networked trailer tow module connects and monitors all lighting loads.

The network also offers lamp and LED load diagnostics that enable detection of defective trailer lights and send an alarm to the driver.

In cooperation with several automobile manufacturers, HELLA has developed a trailer tow module that meets the requirements and functional demands of the market.

  • Works with all kinds of lighting sources (bulbs and LEDs)
  • Works with various all-electric and semi-electric hitches
  • Force limitation for automatic coupling systems
  • Optimized short-circuit protection concept
  • Partial networking possible

HELLA has broad experience of developing and manufacturing trailer tow modules, allowing the company to respond to market requirements with ease.

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  • Checks and detects trailer presence and sends message to vehicle network
  • Full bulb out and overload diagnostics for all outputs with high-side drivers
  • Detection of low-power LED loads
  • Communication and diagnostics via CAN
  • Activates position light if CAN fails                   
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Trailer Tow Modules

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