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Motor Position Sensors
Motor position sensor

Motor Position Sensors

E-mobility leads to a rapid increase of demands for electric motors in applications such as BEV, HEV, electrical power steering and braking.

In electric and hybrid powertrains precise and high-speed rotor position sensing is required for accurate commutation control leading to optimum e-motor efficiency (low torque ripple, vibration and noise).

HELLA’s MPS (Motor Position Sensor) is the state-of-art rotary position sensor addressing the main integration challenges where other solutions such as resolvers and magnetic sensors are facing issues to serve the appropriate features.

Based on the field proven CIPOS® technology (Contactless Inductive Position Sensor) the MPS consists of a PCB equipped with transmitter and receiver coils and an IC as well of a metal target attached to the motor shaft. By evaluating the interaction of high frequency alternating electric fields of transmission, receiver coils and rotor the MPS delivers demodulated and conditioned highly accurate signals representing the rotor shaft angle position.

Features and benefits:

  • Cost effective: no magnet, integrated signal processing, compact
  • Robust to motor environment, magnetic stray fields and geometrical misalignments
  • Temperature range -40°C up to 160°C
  • Flexible integration: customer specific design, End of Shaft, On Shaft or Through Hole assembly
  • Electrical connection via pigtail or terminal plug
  • sin/cos (differential or single ended), SPI, SENT/SPC (up to 6x speed), PSI5
  • Outstanding accuracy < 0,5°el
  • True power on sensor. Accurate signal immediately from start up
  • Adaptable to different pole pairs
  • Up to 500.000rpm
  • ASIL-D ready

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HELLA's MPS is based on the well-known CIPOS® technology providing accurate measurement.

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