Energy management
Energy management

Better fuel economy, greater comfort, improved safety

Official requirements for reduced CO2 emissions and specific requirements for safety-critical systems both demand constant monitoring of the energy supply to a wide range of mechatronic and electronic loads to ensure reliable system efficiency monitoring. Micro-hybrid vehicles fitted with start-stop and coasting functions require smart energy management to guarantee reliable and stable operation of the vehicle electric system. This includes regulating the power flow of the generator, the electric loads, the energy storage system and the transducer that ensure the starting ability and availability of vehicle functions. Aspects such as energy-saving operation and comfort requirements are important in this context.

Ensuring the stability of the power supply to all mechatronic components and electric loads demands a balancing of energy consumption and power resources within the E/E system. HELLA’s energy management products help to guarantee the best possible coordination of available and required capacity. Alongside energy management components for a conventional electric vehicle system as available today, HELLA also supplies custom solutions for future new generations of vehicles. These products cover both high voltage current sensors, intelligent battery sensors and high-performance DC-DC converters as well as battery management systems for lithium-ion batteries.

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48 V/12 V DC/DC Converter

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