Body actuators
Body actuators

Body actuators

  • A wide range of customized and system-specific tool solutions
  • Flexible integration and simple installation
  • Longstanding experience of R&D and production since 1996

Constantly rising comfort and environmental requirements combined with the need to keep costs down have resulted in the development of reliable and innovative vehicle body actuators.

Vehicle body actuators are used to lock, unlock and remotely control tank caps for fuel filling nozzles, glove boxes, tailgates, hoods and seats as well as for special applications such as active control of grille shutters.


  • Body actuators

HELLA has over 40 years of experience in developing and manufacturing vehicle body actuators. These actuators must meet constantly growing requirements. As their functions increase in complexity, the requirements for durability, interface standardization and miniaturization have also grown.

To meet this challenge, HELLA uses tool systems and standardized components that provide solutions for a broad range of applications with optimized costs and high production quality.

Car body actuators made by HELLA offer three key benefits:

  • Rugged design
  • Perfect compatibility with specific functions
  • Optimized designs

HELLA runs worldwide facilities for car body actuator development and production.

Global process optimization guarantees a consistently high standard of quality.

  • Universal actuator systems with compact design
  • Standardized interfaces
  • Short development times – modular approach
  • Long-term experience – R&D and production (since 1996)
  • Reduced costs and ease of assembly compared to Bowden cable solution
  • Development and production locations in Germany, India and China
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