Steering sensors
Steering sensors

Steering sensors

  • Modular sensor design for all types of electromechanical power steering (EPS)
  • System integration expertise with HELLA steering control modules
  • Intelligent software concept for increased safety

HELLA’s established steering sensors (in production since 2007) are integrated within the electromechanical power steering and, depending on the type of sensor, offer the customer up to two simultaneous types of feedback:

steering torque or steering torque and angle.


  • Steering sensors

All steering sensors benefit from HELLA’s proprietary CIPOS® technology (contactless inductive position sensor). CIPOS® is an extremely precise position sensor with proven insensitivity to mechanical tolerances. At the same, the technology is highly flexible in use. The straightforward modular sensor design in a compact housing allows the sensor to be integrated easily and economically. The small amount of package space available in today’s steering systems demands both robust and precise measuring technology. The sensor works by acquiring the twist and large torsion angle of the shaft. The sensor’s fast measuring speed also delivers extremely precise values with a high degree of EMC robustness.

Alongside these benefits, HELLA also has the expertise to test and validate the sensor – including at the electromechanical steering level.

Finally, increased tolerances, reduced package space/weight and a low number of components create a steering sensor superior to all other position measuring technologies.

  • Smallest packaging height allows small crash length
  • Independent absolute angle in input and output steering shaft offers various opportunities to improve steering system performance and functionality (like SW Torque Channel)
  • More than 80% weight and size reduction compared to resolver solutions
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