DC-DC converters


  • Global leading supplier for automotive DC-DC converters with over 1.5 million units produced annually
  • Portfolio includes 100W to 3 KW converters
  • Scalable solutions for innovative applications

Modern vehicles are equipped with growing numbers of functions and features to help improve fuel economy, safety and comfort.

This leads to the electrification of vehicle functions with corresponding electronics that are becoming increasingly complex.


  • DC-DC converters

The use of voltage transformers embedded in vehicle electric power systems enables new applications such as stop/start and coasting, as well as the supply of fuel-efficient power loads such as electrical power steering actuators.

With the growing number of loads and electrical functions, additional measures need to be introduced to the electric vehicle system to ensure a reliable and stable power supply at all times.

The solution is either a dual vehicle electrical system or the use of modern high-performance components, e.g. energy storage modules, for energy management.

These are easy to integrate within the existing, conventional power supply system.

  • Globally leading supplier for automotive DC-DC converter with over 1.5 million units produced annually
  • The portfolio includes 100W to 3 KW converters
  • First to market with voltage stabilizers in 2007
  • Global development and production
  • Innovative power electronics based on 15 years of experience
  • Scalable product platform for different applications
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