Passive entry/go systems
Passive Entry/Go Systems

Passive entry/go systems + components

  • Scalable system approach
  • Global development and production
  • Established system supplier

Passive entry/go systems provide comfortable, keyless entry into the vehicle and also enable keyless engine starting.


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HELLA’s passive entry/go systems save you the need to look for you keys and enable hands-free unlocking of the vehicle. The company also offers conventional entry systems for active vehicle locking and unlocking using radio transmitter keys.

In the past, various functions were achieved by a large number of individual control units.

Since developing its first prototypes, HELLA has worked to achieve economical integration of a range of standard functions in comfort ECUs that are interlinked via a CAN network. At the highest level, these comfort ECUs also function as a receiver for the radio remote control.

The transmitters are also developed in-house at HELLA.

The comfort ECU’s advanced system characteristics, e.g. electric steering column lock (ESCL) and immobilizer (latest generation) integration, help to increase anti-theft protection.

While, in itself, active vehicle unlocking and locking by remote control significantly increases comfort and security, the use of the new passive entry/go access and driving authorization system takes this to a new level.

HELLA is also heavily involved in the research, design and development of future access and driving authorization systems, associated components and personalized authentication systems.

  • Established system supplier to leading global OEMs
  • Scalable system approach: the system range can be tailored to specific OEM vehicle series requirements
  • Integration of additional functions possible
  • Cooperation with OEM preferred component suppliers (e.g. for locks and door handles)
  • Global development and production of system components

Small system, large effect:

an access and driving authorization system for vehicles that provides protection against unauthorized entry and use.

Low susceptibility to the weather: the keyless entry system is less dependent on weather conditions.

The PEG system protects the driver from extended exposure to rain and removes the need to de-ice door locks in the winter.

Experience/expertise: many years of development and production expertise in manufacturing large quantities of radio remote controls/comfort units together with current production orders for the passive system and immobilizers make HELLA an ideal partner.


System functions and features

  • Passive entry and exit function, e.g. available for front/rear doors and trunk
  • The system protects against unintended locking of the radio transmitter key in the vehicle interior
  • Combination with conventional radio transmitter key functions
  • Fail-safe immobilizer release using an integrated transponder coil
  • Bi-directional system communication for fast system response
  • Use of ultra high frequency (UHF 315/433/868 MHz) and low frequency (125 kHz)

Driving authorization

As soon as the interior antenna detects that the valid ID transmitter is inside the vehicle, driving authorization preparations begin, followed by automatic driver authorization.

The engine is started and stopped by pressing the start/stop button.

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