Interior control units
Interior control unit (ICU)

Interior control units

  • Functional integration for cost efficiency
  • Scalable control unit concept
  • Interfaces management allowing the use of up to 100 LEDs

The interior control unit (ICU) controls the interior lighting and can thus create the atmosphere desired by the driver in the vehicle interior.


  • Interior control units

The interior control unit controls the interior lighting in all areas of the vehicle.

Along defined interior lighting scenarios, it also controls the creation of desired ambience within the car.

What makes it special is

that each passenger can adjust their own area of the car to reflect their emotions.

Luxury and individuality for all passengers

  • AUTOSAR compatibility as the basis of functional integration
  • Scalable control unit concept for the use of up to 100 LEDs
  • Illuminated interior increases perceived value
  • ICU enables high degree of personalization

Long journeys become more enjoyable in a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere.

At any time, the driver can adapt the atmosphere in his car to his or her mood.

  • Advantages
Functional and ambient interior lighting
  • Warning, exit and passenger compartment lighting
  • Illuminated entry rims and sills
  • Symbol illumination
  • Passenger compartment lighting
  • Make-up lamps (e.g. rear passenger compartment)
  • Glove box
  • Trunk lighting
  • Interior door handle illumination
  • Dashboard trim
  • Armrest in center console
  • Decorative door frame
  • Illuminated cup holder
  • Parcel shelf
  • Elements in master unit         
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