Accelerator Pedal Sensor
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Accelerator Pedal Sensor


  • Market leader for Accelerator Pedal Sensors (suspended and floor mounted) since 1996
  • Usage of proven contactless Hella Sensor Technology (CIPOS®)
  • Ready for automated driving Level 2-4 (up to ASIL D)

The Accelerator Pedal Sensor delivers the driver’s desire to increase or decrease speed to the engine electronics by measuring the pedal position. Hella has developed modular cost attractive black box design for Accelerator Pedal Sensors, customizable to individual customer demands. To adapt to every customer, a wide variety of output signals are available (analog, SENT, PWM…).


  • Sensors Suspended APS Bentley

Since 1996 HELLA has developed integrated electronic Accelerator Pedal Sensors for diesel and combustion engines as the first manufacturer of this kind. They are applicable in passenger cars with drive-by-wire and e-vehicles. The Accelerator Pedal Sensor determines the position of the accelerator pedal and generates the corresponding pedal characteristics (→ return force).

HELLA distinguishes between two different position measurement technologies with regard to the Accelerator Pedal Sensor. On the one hand HELLA offers the Contactless Inductive Position Sensor (CIPOS®) as highly accurate, robust and advanced small packaged in-house position technology. On the other hand HELLA offers the traditional potentiometer technology.

Independent of the Accelerator Pedal Sensor technology, the sensor is designed so that the pedal, the generation of the pedal force, and the sensor are integrated within one modular design. Thereby the design and the haptic of the pedal are adapted according to the customer’s requirements. HELLAs Accelerator Pedal Sensor is offered as suspended and floor mounted pedal.

For further use cases, HELLA provides haptic feedback pedals (e.g. knocking and/or vibration feedback). Feedback function could be adapted to Hella’s modular black box design (see also Feedback accelerator pedal sensor | HELLA).

  • Sensors floormountedpeda FMP4
  • Technological and market leader for pedal sensors
  • Precise position control with HELLA CIPOS® (accuracy of ±2%) or potentiometer technology
  • Extensive application know-how due to field experience since 1996
  • Customer specific mechanical design variants
  • Comprehensive tests to ensure a high and sustainable level of quality
  • High reliability due to robust design
  • Worldwide production locations and technical support (e.g. Mexico, USA, China, India, Korea, Romania, Germany)


  • Accelerator Pedal Sensor for suspended and floor mounted pedals
  • HELLA sensor technology CIPOS® (Contactless Inductive Position Sensor) or potentiometer
  • Customer specific design and adaptable haptics
  • Redundant signal proportional to pedal position
  • Force dependent hysteresis with redundant return force
  • Analog and/or digital output signal
  • Optional kick-down
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