Feedback accelerator pedal sensor
Feedback Accelerator Pedal Sensor
Feedback accelerator pedal sensor

Feedback accelerator pedal sensor (FAPS)

  • Long-term experience with accelerator pedal sensor technology
  • Use of robust HELLA CIPOS® technology
  • Variable customer feedback specifications possible

The growing market for driver assistance systems and demand for lower fuel consumption has created a situation in which the interface between the driver and the accelerator pedal is of increasing significance.

HELLA has developed feedback accelerator pedal sensors (FAPS) to meet this growing demand.


  • Feedback accelerator pedal sensor


Feedback accelerator pedal sensors (FAPS) communicate directly with the driver by providing feedback in certain driving situations. Driving situations in which HELLA’s FAPS comes into play include:

  • Electrical driving in hybrid cars: detecting the start of the combustion engine
  • Automatic transmission: avoidance of down-shifting
  • Manual transmission: shifting detection to recognize shifting point by knocking signal
  • Need-based driving
  • Reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions

The position measuring technology forms a key part of the feedback accelerator pedal sensor that demands a high degree of precision.

HELLA therefore uses its own sensor position technology, the contactless inductive position sensor (CIPOS®), which is extremely precise, features a robust design and is integrated within a compact housing. Independent of the APS technology, the sensor is designed so that the pedal, the generation of the pedal force and the sensor are integrated within one modular design. This allows the design and haptics of the pedal to be tailored to customer requirements.



  • Optimized fuel consumption through driving guidance
  • Sensor provides speed information to other vehicle systems
  • Customer-specific design and modular system
  • Small housing size
  • Design based on proven technologies
  • Market leader in accelerator pedal sensors (APS)
  • Production sites and technical support worldwide

Technical data


  • Intuitive communication with the driver
  • HELLA CIPOS® sensor technology (contactless inductive position sensor)
  • Customer-specific design and modular system
  • Redundant signal proportional to pedal position
  • Force-dependent hysteresis with redundant return force
  • Analog and/or digital output signal
  • Adaptable haptics

Feedback Accelerator Pedal Sensor

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