Battery management unit
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Battery management unit


The battery management unit records all relevant data in the battery system of electric and hybrid vehicles and monitors the health of the battery. If the battery condition is critical, the unit takes appropriate action, communicating via CAN with the vehicle’s energy management system.



The battery management unit control and manages the components in the battery system:

  • Cell monitoring unit
  • High voltage current sensor
  • Insulation monitoring unit

In addition, the battery management unit is responsible for monitoring the battery:

  • State of charge (SoC)
  • State of health (SoH)
  • State of function (SoF)



Battery management unit
Interfaces • Double interconnection with cell controllers
• 2 CAN buses
• 1 LIN bus
• XCP CAN bus
• CAN at relay main board
• Inputs/outputs for hard-wired signals
Galvanic isolation The insulation monitoring unit is integrated in the battery management unit at the interface to the cell monitoring unit. This automatically isolates the high and low voltage ranges with the help of the high voltage current sensor.
ASIL compliant ASIL D classified

Cost savings can be achieved thanks to the housing variants for the battery main board, the relay main board and the insulation monitoring unit.