High voltage current sensor
High Voltage Current Sensor
High voltage current sensor

High voltage current sensor

The shunt-based high voltage current sensor designed by HELLA measures the current within high voltage applications. The sensor is particularly appropriate for full hybrid and electric vehicle applications and meets international standards for the safety of high voltage components in vehicles.



  • Precise shunt-based measurement of current within high voltage applications and batteries with insulation
  • Galvanic isolated LIN communication and supply interface
  • Higher accuracy compared to today‘s Hall sensors
  • Precise calculation of ampere-hour balance
  • Power consumption: < 85 mA
  • Voltage insulation strength class B
  • Insulation resistance > 5 MΩ (ISO 6469-3)
  • ASIL compliant



High voltage current sensor
Permanent load current ± 200 A, Ta. 105°C, UB = 14 V
Maximum peak current ± 1500 A, allowed for 500 ms
Power consumption Max. 85 mA operating mode
Operating temperature -40 °C to +105 °C
Voltage insulation strength Class B (ISO 23273-3)
Insulation resistance > 5 MΩ (ISO 6469-3)
Sealing class IP6K9K (IEC 60529)
Weight ~ 100 g
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