Washer fluid pumps
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Washer fluid pumps
Washer fluid pumps


HELLA develops and manufactures two different types of pumps for windshield and headlamp cleaning systems.

The company has been producing washer fluid pumps on an industrial scale since the early 1960s.

Windshield cleaning system pumps are required for selective cleaning of windshields or rear windows.

These functions can either be covered by single outlet pumps or a dual outlet pump. If a dual outlet pump is used, both the windshield and the rear window are supplied from a single pump with a reversible direction of rotation.

The dual outlet pump has an integrated non-return valve that prevents the long tube leading to the rear window from emptying when the pump is switched off.

Headlamp cleaning system pumps require more power than windshield washer pumps in order to clean the headlamps using a jet-blast principle.

A snap-on fastener is used to adapt the tube system; it enables easy, quick and reliable modification of the tube configuration.

Production sites:

Germany and China.


  • Best-in-class IP protection: “Pro” series next-generation cleaning pumps feature IPX6K protection
  • Low noise level and quiet operation due to frictionless impeller technology
  • Use of maximally flexible EMC components
  • Two power levels depending on desired cleaning intensity
  • Reduced unit price due to minimal number of components and fewer manufacturing steps
  • All versions available for 12 V and 24 V
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