Universal Rotary Actuator (URA)
Universal Rotary Actuator (URA)
Universal Rotary Actuator (URA)

Universal Rotary Actuator (URA)

The Universal Rotary Actuator (URA) is versatile and can be used as an application for the following areas, among others:

  • Thermal management: As a thermal management application, the URA controls the valves in the refrigerant circuit, such as expansion valves and multi-way valves for heat pumps. This allows the refrigerant to pass from the compressor to the condenser.
  • Radiator grille: In its function as a radiator grille actuator, it opens and closes the air flap of the radiator grille automatically using different driving conditions. By reducing the air resistance and with an optimal engine temperature, the vehicle’s consumption values can be greatly improved. Furthermore, the URA enables CO2 emissions to be reduced by 1-2 g/km.


  • Proven function from the radiator grille application
  • CIPOS® technology (contactless inductive position sensor)
  • High positioning accuracy (can be used as control and switching device)
  • High torque, lower energy consumption.

Technical data



Temperaturbereich (Betrieb) -40 °C bis +140 °C
Nenndrehmoment 50 Ncm
Min. Drehmoment
(bei 9 V, 140 °C, 0,02 °/ms nach Lebensdauer) 
≥ 69 Ncm
Max. Stromstärke ca. 6 A
(bei 50 Ncm, 14 V, 25 °C nach Lebensdauer)
0,08 °/ms
Betriebswinkel < 360 °
SOP 2016
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