Steering torque sensors
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Steering torque sensors
Steering torque sensor

Steering torque sensor

In addition to combined steering torque and angle sensors, HELLA also supplies sensors for steering torque only. The steering torque sensor is integrated in the electromechanical power steering and provides the customer with information on the steering torque.

The sensor records the torsion bar angle required for the steering movement.


  • Modular sensor design for all types of electromechanical power steering
  • System integration capability with HELLA EPS control unit
  • Absolute angle information for output and input shaft
  • Ratiometric measuring principle to improve accuracy over total measurement range
  • Freely programmable torque range with up to +/- 8°
  • Intelligent software concept for increased safety


 Mechanical data:  
 Dimensions: Typ. Ø 60 mm, R40 mm (with connector)
 Installation location: Integrated in the electromechanical power steering
 Operational temperature: -40 °C to +130 °C
 Measuring range:  Max. ± 8°
 Electrical data:  
 Voltage supply: 5 V
 Power consumption: < 18 mA per channel for SENT signal
 Output signal: SENT, PWM and SPC (short PWM code) in preparation
 Accuracy: < 0.1° over lifetime and temperature
 Resolution: < 0.01°
 EMC:  Meets all standard automotive requirements
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