Memory seat module
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Memory seat module (MSM)

Memory seat modules

  • Provides two-zone or four-zone heat/cool/vented seat functions
  • Drives up to ten motors via bridge rectifier circuit outputs
  • Can support passenger seat functions
  • Operating voltage: 9 V to 16 V
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +85°C
  • Mechanical dimensions: 120 mm x 105 mm x 30 mm
  • Communication interfaces:Low-speed CAN, LIN
  • Motor current output: 25 A continuous and 40 A stall current for motors
  • Electrical interfaces: Manual switch inputs, motor outputs, PWM output, LIN, CAN
  • Sensor interfaces: Potentiometers, Hall effect and ripple count (in development)
  • Special functions: Overall power management, active engine braking, load shedding, diagnostics feedback
  • Protection functions:
    • Overvoltage/undervoltage protection, overcurrent protection
    • Stalled motor protection, short-circuit detection and prevention, thermal overload protection, interference current: < 150 uA
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