ID transmitters
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ID Transmitters

ID transmitters and start/stop buttons

  • Frequency RF: 433 MHz, 315 MHz, 868 MHz; LF: 125 kHz
  • Range: ~ 100 m remote control, ~ 2 m passive (LF at vehicle side, trunk)
  • Modulation: ASK and FSK
  • Passive data rate: RF: 20 kBaud bi-directional, LF: 4 kBaud
  • Bi-directional radio communication to the ECU to prevent relay attacks
  • Different waking patterns can be programmed (e.g. for standard operation and servicing)
  • 3D LF antenna and front end for precise differentiation between inside/outside
  • Power supply: 3V lithium battery, standard cell
  • Battery lifetime: > 2 years for passive keys
  • RF antenna: Integrated on the PCB
  • Receiver: Integrated or external
  • Secret encryption: Integrated on the PCB
  • Number of buttons: Up to 6
  • Collision detection (dynamic, constant)
  • System communication time: typ. 92 ms to 110 ms
  • Inside/outside detection tolerance: typ. +- 5 cm at windows
  • Battery status monitoring, including warning on the vehicle display


  • Lock/unlock, panic button (US only)
  • Open/close sliding doors
  • Encrypted with different algorithms
  • Integrated immobilizer
  • Waterproof with IPX8 protection
  • Integrated emergency key


  • Use of state-of-the-art production processes at our global production sites
  • Affordable high-end solutions
  • AES or specific encryption
  • Excellent protection against misuse and unauthorized vehicle access
  • Passive entry/go function
  • Integration of NFC and BTLE
  • Proven integration expertise
High perceived value combined with great resilience
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