Cooling Valve Actuator (CoVA)
Cooling Valve Actuator (CoVA)
Cooling Valve Actuator (CoVA)

Cooling valve actuator (COVA)

The "CoVA" (Cooling Valve Actuator) is an electric actuator for controlling the cooling valves in the coolant circuit. It improves the engine's warm-up phase and performs dynamic temperature control so that the coolant flow can be precisely regulated. After a cold start, the engine is warmed up faster by blocking the coolant circulation. As soon as the operating temperature is reached, the coolant temperature can be adjusted quickly and continuously, according to requirements. Advantages:

  • Engine warms up faster
  • Engine components protected against thermal damage
  • Coolant temperature controlled precisely
  • CIPOS® sensors robust against magnetic radiation
  • Lower fuel consumption and emissions

Technical data

 Cooling Valve Actuator
Temperature range (operation)-40°C to +140°C
Rated torque50 Ncm
Min. torque (at 9 V, 140 °C, 0.02 °/ms according to lifetime) ≥ 69 Ncm
Max. amperageapprox. 6 A
Rated speed (at 50 Ncm, 14 V, 25 °C according to lifetime)90°/s
Operating angle< 360 °
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