Coolant Control Hub (CCH)
Cooling Valve Actuator (CoVA)
Coolant Control Hub (CCH)

Coolant Control Hub (CCH)

The innovative Coolant Control Hub (CCH) thermal management subsystem simplifies and centralises increasingly complex cooling circuits and increases their efficiency. The CCH connects the cooling circuits for the battery, engine and vehicle interior, which reduces the number of components in the overall system by up to 50%. At the same time, thermal energy is optimally distributed, which provides the electric vehicle with a higher range. The subsystem consists of a multi-way valve, actuator, distribution system, pumps, expansion tank and heat exchanger. Advantages:

  • Increased efficiency through optimal distribution of thermal energy and less energy loss as well as improved EV performance (shorter charging times and increased range)
  • Reduced complexity by decreasing components and having a modular approach, simplification of the supplier structure (subsystem "from a single source") and assembly
  • Cost reduction by decreasing costs for materials, logistics and storage, development and assembly
  • Reduced operating costs and time spent by vehicle owners: Shorter charging times and more range

Technical data


Coolant Control Hub

Container volumeCustomer-specific
Media pump30 W – 300 W – depending on customer requirements
Temperature rangeCoolant -40 °C to +90 °C Ambient -40°C to +100°C
CommunicationMedia pump LIN, PWM, CAN Valve actuator LIN, analogue, PWM and SENT
Sound emissions<50dB(A)
Coolant circuit hub
Coolant circuit hub
Coolant circuit hub
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