Lighting - overview

Vehicle lighting plays an important role for more safety, especially in the Mining industry. HELLA develops innovative lighting systems offering high level of driving comfort as well as optimum illumination of the working area.

LED Worklights: The next generation.


The latest LED developments in the worklight field are already so advanced, that they even outperform xenon (HID) light. Additionally, HELLA Mining LEDs offer 5.000° Kelvins temperatures, thus guaranteeing illumination levels almost matching daylight. Working under these kinds or lighting conditions is gentle on your eyes, minimizing fatigue and thus increasing safety and the productivity of Mining operations.

HELLA Mining Beacons with powerful warning effect signal to other vehicles: Please take care – work is going on around this vehicle. Characterized by outstanding quality in terms of processing and stability – the long service life and increased safety prove this!


Engineered specifically for ultra heavy-duty applications on Mining equipment and service vehicles, HELLA Mining Signal Lights offer various mounting variations, high efficiency and low power consumption. The right products to Fit and Forget!

HELLA Mining offers a comprehensive range of interior lighting for various vehicle applications and vehicle types. The range covers ambient lighting in the shape of light hues and LED modules, continuous lighting systems/modules for ceiling systems and service sets (operating units).

Bringing on-road safety to Mining was never easier. With HELLA Mining Green Safety Lights, Mining equipment can be easily outfitted with the correct version of safety lights, especially designed for use in snowy and foggy conditions. The variety and usage is very wide, suitable for underground Mining as well.

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HELLA NanoSafe Technology for mining machines

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No interference in radio communication: HELLA RFCommSafe

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Lumen Measurement
Lumen Measurement: HELLA standards for testing of LED fixtures

Lumen Measurement is a standard for testing the total luminous flux of LED fixtures