Micro/Mini Lightbar

Minimal design, maximum effect: these words aptly capture the HELLA's powerful “Mini Lightbar” and “Micro Lightbar” LED warning lamps. The intense 360° warning signal can be either flashing or rotating, depending on the operating conditions for both, and generates a high level of attention. Both the Mini Lightbar and the Micro Lightbar are available with either a clear or an amber cover lens. The light signal of the warning lamps when switched on is amber in both cases due to the durable, energy-efficient, high-performance LEDs used. Another SAE variant with a clear lens is equipped with half amber and half white LEDs, thus generating a two-color light signal. The dimensions are 255 mm x 156 mm for the 691 gram Micro Lightbar and 400 mm x 218 mm for the 1,300 gram Mini Lightbar. Different mounting options via screws, brackets, or magnetic mounting allow for high variability. Multi-voltage capability allows for use in both 12 volt and 24 volt on-board environments.

Product Advantages

  • Multi-voltage function
  • User selectable flashing pattern (flashing and rotating)
  • Amber warning signal from both clear and amber lenses
  • Polarity reversal protection
  • Optimally protected against strong vibrations

Technical Data

  Micro Lightbar Mini Lightbar
Operating voltage Multi-voltage (10 - 30 V)
Rated voltage 12 V/ 24 V
Current consumption

6.2 A (12 V)
2.9 A (24 V)

6.1 A (12 V)
2.8 A (24 V)

Power consumption

66 - 72 W

Max. 70 W

Light function Flashing, rotating
Light source LED
Material Polycarbonate

691 g

1,300 g

Temperature range - 40 °C to +65 °C
Protection class IP 6X, IP X4K, IP X9K
Type approval ECE-R65 TA1 SAE J845 Class 1
EMC protection ECE-R10, CISPR 25 class 3
Connection 500 mm cable (screw version)
2,500 mm cable (magnetic version)

Program Overview

VariantType of mountingCover lens

Type approval

Part number
Micro LightbarScrew mountingClearECE

2RL 014 566-001

Mini LightbarScrew mountingClearECE2RL 014 565-001
Micro LightbarBracket mountingClearECE

2RL 014 566-011

Mini LightbarBracket mountingClearECE2RL 014 565-011
Micro Lightbar

Magnet mounting


2RL 014 566-021

Mini Lightbar

Magnet mounting

ClearECE2RL 014 565-021
Micro Lightbar

Screw mounting


2RL 014 566-201

Mini Lightbar

Screw mounting

AmberECE2RL 014 565-201
Micro LightbarBracket mountingAmberECE

2RL 014 566-211

Mini LightbarBracket mountingAmberECE2RL 014 565-211
Micro Lightbar

Magnet mounting


2RL 014 566-221

Mini Lightbar

Magnet mounting

AmberECE2RL 014 565-221



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