Energy-efficient work lamps and floodlights from HELLA provide optimum illumination


With the S-Series, the Floodlight and the High Bay lights, the internationally positioned lighting specialist HELLA offers three innovative lighting solutions for flexible use in heavy-duty areas. 


The keypoints in short

  • Low-fatigue and safe working thanks to an ideal illumination of the working area
  • HELLA lighting solutions S-Series, Floodlight and High Bay are energy-efficient and reduce CO2 emissions


What are the benefits of HELLA work lamps? 

HELLA's work lamps and floodlights are used wherever ideal illumination of the work area is required to increase work safety. What all three products have in common is their low power consumption compared to conventional light sources, which means that the light sources make a sustainable contribution to reducing CO2 emissions. In addition, the lighting properties of the products ensure ideal illumination of the workplace and thus low-fatigue working. This reduces the risk of accidents and increases productivity.


S-Series work lamps with innovative LED technology

"Simple, steady and streamlined" - that is the motto of the new S series. The work lamps in this series offer innovative LED technology and complement the Modul 70, Modul 90 and Power Beam work light families. The central objective in the development of the S series was to develop an LED work light that is manufactured on an automated production line while at the same time meeting HELLA's high quality standards. The work lamps provide homogeneous illumination with a colour temperature of around 6,500 Kelvin, similar to daylight. Compared to halogen devices, the S series scores with high efficiency. The integrated electronics protect the device in the event of polarity reversal and guarantee constant brightness even with the operating voltage fluctuating between 9 and 33 V DC.


The work lamps are available in round and square and in both surface mounted and flush mounted versions. Thanks to the universal and slim design, vehicle manufacturers can easily and quickly convert existing halogen work lamps to LED technology. The housing and also the lens are made of special plastics, which on the one hand lead to a weight reduction and on the other hand have a high corrosion resistance. The new cooling fin design is not only modern, but also ensures optimum heat dissipation, thus increasing the efficiency and service life of the work lamps. The S-Series work lamps are available in close-range and long-range illumination. Further model and illumination variants are already under development.

The work lamps of the S-series provide homogeneous illumination with a colour temperature of around 6,500 Kelvin, similar to daylight.

Floodlight for extreme environments

Another lighting solution for the ideal illumination of work areas is Floodlight. The light is designed for use in extreme environments where high light output and the illumination of large areas is required. Typical applications for Floodlight are, for example, high masts for the illumination of transport routes, workshops or conveyor belts at an operating voltage of 100 to 277 V AC. Potential hazards near and far can be optimally illuminated with Floodlight and thus detected at an early stage. 


The light of Floodlight is similar to daylight and has a specially developed LED colour temperature of 5,700 K and an optimized light output of 130 lumens per watt. This cooler colour temperature provides a clean, clear and invigorating lighting atmosphere. The housing is made of high-quality die-cast aluminium, which is robust, corrosion-resistant and dimensionally stable. LED technology ensures low power consumption and a long service life, combined with a reduction in CO2 emissions compared to conventional metal halogen lamps.


High Bay with dimming function

The High Bay light from HELLA complements the range for heavy-duty applications. It is ideal for use in warehouses, workshops and production halls and has an operating voltage of 100 to 305 V AC. The high-quality aluminium housing and reflector are specially designed for high ceilings and, at 140 lumens per watt, the High Bay produces a high light output with low heat generation and low energy consumption. The very low energy consumption is environmentally friendly and reduces CO2 emissions compared to conventional metal-halide lamps.


In addition, the light has a dimming function that can efficiently control different brightness requirements. Another plus point of the High Bay is its protection against voltage peaks. Overvoltages can occur in the supply networks due to different voltage levels, which can damage the electronic components of LED lights. However, the design of the High Bay provides protection against such voltage peaks and thus guarantees a longer service life.

High Bay has a dimming function that can be used to efficiently control different brightness requirements.

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