UltraRAY 2.0/ 2.1

Always the optimal warning: with their rotating (UltraRAY 2.0) or flashing (UltraRAY 2.1) light signal, the HELLA UltraRAY 2.0 and 2.1 beacons offer an optimum warning effect for every application.

Both types of light signal are achieved without any moving parts thanks to the long-life and energy-efficient LED technology used. This makes the beacons insensitive to external influences, such as vibrations and strong shakes. The double light system provides a warning function that draws a lot of attention thanks to the large light emission surface.

Both lamps have active electronics, are capable of multi-voltage, and are dust-proof, waterproof and interference-suppressed. They have ECE, RCM and SAE approval and are also suitable for hazardous material transportation in accordance with ADR/GGVS. The impact-resistant polycarbonate light dome is available in amber, blue, red, green and white.

Depending on the variant, it can be installed upright using fixed surface mounting or flexible magnetic mounting.

Product Advantages

  • Rotating or flashing LED light function
  • Double lighting system
  • Large light exit area
  • Long service life

Technical Data

  UltraRAY 2.0 UltraRAY 2.1
Operating voltage Multivolt (11 - 30 V)
Rated voltage 12 V/ 24 V
Current consumption 1,6 A (12 V)
0,8 A (24 V)
1,8 A (12 V)
0,9 A (24 V)
Power consumption Ø 20 W
max. 20W
Ø 22 W
max. 53W
Light function Rotating Flashing
Light source LED
Material Light dome: polycarbonate
Temperature range - 40 °C to +60 °C
Protection class IP 6K9K, IP 6K7
Type approval ECE-R65 TA1, TB1, TR1, SAE J845 Class 1, ADR/ GGVS
EMC protection ECE-R10, CISPR 25 Class 5, RCM
Mounting Ø 130 mm or
Ø 150 mm (SAE)

Program Overview

Variant Type of mounting Light dome Part number
UltraRAY 2.0 (rotating) Fixed mounting (F) Amber 2RL 012 983-001
UltraRAY 2.0 (rotating) Fixed mounting (F) Blue 2RL 012 983-011
UltraRAY 2.0 (rotating) Fixed mounting (F) Red 2RL 012 983-021
UltraRAY 2.0 (rotating) Fixed mounting (F) Green 2RL 012 983-031
UltraRAY 2.0 (rotating) Fixed mounting (F) White 2RL 012 983-041
UltraRAY 2.0 (rotating) Magnet mounting (M) Amber 2RL 012 983-101
UltraRAY 2.0 (rotating) Magnet mounting (M) Blue 2RL 012 983-111
UltraRAY 2.0 (rotating) Magnet mounting (M) Red 2RL 012 983-121
UltraRAY 2.0 (rotating) Magnet mounting (M) Green 2RL 012 983-131
UltraRAY 2.0 (rotating) Magnet mounting (M) White 2RL 012 983-141
UltraRAY 2.1 (flashing) Fixed mounting (F) Amber 2XD 012 984-001
UltraRAY 2.1 (flashing) Fixed mounting (F) Blue 2XD 012 984-011
UltraRAY 2.1 (flashing) Fixed mounting (F) Red 2XD 012 984-021
UltraRAY 2.1 (flashing) Fixed mounting (F) Green 2XD 012 984-031
UltraRAY 2.1 (flashing) Fixed mounting (F) White 2XD 012 984-041
UltraRAY 2.1 (flashing) Magnet mounting (M) Amber 2XD 012 984-101
UltraRAY 2.1 (flashing) Magnet mounting (M) Blue 2XD 012 984-111
UltraRAY 2.1 (flashing) Magnet mounting (M) Red 2XD 012 984-121
UltraRAY 2.1 (flashing) Magnet mounting (M) Green 2XD 012 984-131
UltraRAY 2.1 (flashing) Magnet mounting (M) White 2XD 012 984-141