RokLUME 280N Generation 2

All-round talent in its second generation: The HELLA RokLUME 280N Generation 2 work lamp provides the best possible light in harsh mining environments. 

With its very high light output of up to 5,000 lumens, the lamp offers drivers of heavy duty vehicles enhanced visibility to detect hazards well in advance.

The RokLUME 280N Generation 2 is available in six illumination options. In addition, variants with coloured cover lenses in amber and green are available, which are designed to combat reflective environments such as fog, falling snow or dust-laden air.

The variants with ZEROGLARE illumination feature a new reflector and a refined optical lighting system that creates a sharp horizontal cut-off at 0° to direct the light onto the ground in front of the vehicle. This prevents oncoming drivers from being dazzled.

The centred, robust heavy duty bracket allows three mounting positions: upright, pendant and horizontal. This ensures that the work lamp meets the high vibration requirements of mining vehicles.

Product Advantages

  • New ZEROGLARE reflector
  • Improved light patterns and extended illumination variants
  • Centred bracket enables different mounting options
  • Heavy duty bracket for high vibration requirements
  • Compact size, suitable for all mining machinery

Technical Data

  Work lamp Auxiliary headlamp
Operating voltage Multi-voltage (9-32 V)
Rated voltage 12 V/ 24 V
Current consumption

ø 3.85 A (12 V)
ø 1.86 A (24 V)

Power consumption ø 46 W (12 V)
ø 45 W (24 V)
max. 50 W
Light output up to 5,000 lm  
Light source LED
Colour temperature

5,000 K


Housing: die-cast aluminium with NanoSafe non-stick / easy to clean surface coating
Cover lens: hard coated plastic

Weight up to 1,430 g
Temperature range -40 °C to + 85 °C (overheat protected)
Protection class IP 6K9K, IP 6K8
Type approval ECE-R10, UKCA, RCM ECE-R149 Class B, ECE-R10, UKCA, RCM
EMC protection CISPR 25
Salt spray resistance 1,200 h as per DIN EN ISO 9227
Mounting Upright, pendant and horizontal
Connection DEUTSCH DT 2 pin connector, DEUTSCH DT counterpart included
Manufactured in  Austria


Program Overview

Cover lens colour Illumination Part number
Clear Close-range illumination 1GA 995 706-501
Long-range illumination 1GA 995 706-511
ZEROGLARE illumination 1GA 995 706-521
Pencil beam illumination 1GA 995 706-531
Tunnel flood illumination 1GA 995 706-551
Diffused Diffuse flood illumination 1GA 995 706-541
Green Close-range illumination 1GA 995 706-571
Long-range illumination 1GA 995 706-581
ZEROGLARE illumination 1GA 995 706-591
Pencil beam illumination 1GA 995 706-601
Amber Close-range illumination 1GA 995 706-631
Long-range illumination 1GA 995 706-641
ZEROGLARE illumination 1GA 995 706-651
Pencil beam illumination 1GA 995 706-661

Auxiliary headlamps

Light function  Refrence number Part number
High beam ECE Ref. 22.5 1FA 995 706-561