The highest light output for the toughest requirements: The HELLA Floodlight ensures optimum visibility, even in demanding environments with high, large-area lighting requirements, such as in mining on conveyor belts, high masts or in workshops. Depending on the variant, the LED work lamp produces an extremely high light output of 32,500 lumens, 65,000 lumens or even an outstanding 97,500 lumens, with a power consumption of 250 watts, 500 watts or 750 watts.

The premium die-cast aluminium housing is robust, corrosion-protected and dimensionally stable. LED technology ensures low current consumption and a longer lifetime compared to conventional metal halide lamps. Therefore, the floodlight contributes towards reducing CO2 and helps to protect the environment.

The light colour similar to daylight in combination with the specially developed colour temperature of 5,700 Kelvin ensures optimised, homogeneous illumination. In this way, the work lamps increase alertness, work performance and safety in mining.

Product Advantages

  • Supreme quality aluminium housing
  • For various applications such as workshop, high mast, conveyor belt
  • CO2 emission reduction in comparison to metal halide lamps
  • Increased work safety through optimized lighting and specially developed colour temperature 5,700 K

Video of the LED work lamp Floodlight

Technical Data

  250 W 500 W 750 W
Operating voltage Multi-voltage (100 - 277 V AC)
Rated voltage 110 V AC/ 230 V AC
Power consumption 250 W 500 W 750 W
Light output 32,500 lm 65,000 lm 97,500 lm
Light source LED
Colour temperature 5,700 K
Material Housing: die-cast aluminium
Weight 6,500 g 19,500 g 27,000 g
Temperature range -30 °C to +50 °C
Protection class IP 65
Type approval UKCA, RoHS, UL, cUL, BIS, RCM
Mounting Upright
Connection 600 mm cable with open ends

Program Overview

Certified for this region Variant Illumination Part number
Europe (EU),
South Africa (SA)
250 W Long-range illumination 1GJ 996 272-011
Close-range illumination 1GJ 996 272-021
Extra-wide illumination 1GJ 996 272-031
Ultra-wide illumination 1GJ 996 272-041
500 W Long-range illumination 1GJ 996 272-061
Close-range illumination 1GJ 996 272-071
Extra-wide illumination 1GJ 996 272-081
Ultra-wide illumination 1GJ 996 272-091
750 W Long-range illumination 1GJ 996 272-111
Close-range illumination 1GJ 996 272-121
Extra-wide illumination 1GJ 996 272-131
Ultra-wide illumination 1GJ 996 272-141
United States (US),
Canada (CA)
250 W Long-range illumination 1GJ 996 272-261
Close-range illumination 1GJ 996 272-271
Extra-wide illumination 1GJ 996 272-281
Ultra-wide illumination 1GJ 996 272-291
500 W Long-range illumination 1GJ 996 272-311
Close-range illumination 1GJ 996 272-321
Extra-wide illumination 1GJ 996 272-331
Ultra-wide illumination 1GJ 996 272-341
750 W Long-range illumination 1GJ 996 272-361
Close-range illumination 1GJ 996 272-371
Extra-wide illumination 1GJ 996 272-381
Ultra-wide illumination 1GJ 996 272-391

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