HELLA Special Original Equipment


Specialized in customization, sustainability and safety.



With creative thinking, flexibility and a great passion we develop
innovative lighting and electronics products.

Within our business division we provide a highly diverse range of
products and services for commercial and off-highway vehicles.




We offer solutions for customised aesthetics and emotional experiences.

We genuinely care about finding the best solution to meet our customers individual needs and requirements. Developing innovative original equipment products with focus on safety, comfort and design.
With access to one of the largest lighting and electronics R&D departments in the world. We are proud to be a leading supplier, offering a wide range of high-quality solutions - whether customised, semi-customised or off the shelf.
Our commitment to customer satisfaction, combined with our leading-edge technology and expertise, positions us as a trusted partner in the delivery of world-class products and services to small series and special vehicles.

Grow with us!

We operate in a growing market and are strategically positioned in an innovative sector with premium products. This, combined with our flat hierarchies, creates a highly exciting working environment where young talents and entrepreneurs have the opportunity to take on significant responsibility.
We prioritise the professional development of each team member through personalised development plans to ensure their continued growth and progress.Our focus on individual development sets us apart as we strive to nurture and perfect the skills and talents of each team member.

We frame everything through the lens of sustainability.

Sustainability is one of our key drivers, as we strive to make a meaningful contribution protecting our planet and shaping the mobility of tomorrow.
Through resource-efficient production and the exceptional durability of our products, we prioritise responsible consumption and reduced environmental impact.
Additionally, our focus on innovative topics allows us to address pressing environmental challenges and explore groundbreaking solutions.

Join the international Special-OE family!

Working in our international team of experts provides an extensive experience of positive aspects, including both professional and intercultural exchange. The diverse backgrounds and perspectives within our team foster creativity, innovation, and a broader understanding of different cultures.
Our flat hierarchies create an environment where everyone is easily accessible, allowing for seamless communication and collaboration.
Overall, the combination of professional growth, intercultural learning, and strong teamwork makes being part of our international team a truly rewarding experience.




Since the merger of Faurecia and HELLA, the two companies have been operating under the FORVIA umbrella brand, thus combining technological and industrial strengths that perfectly complement each other. With over 300 industrial sites and 77 research and development centres, 150,000-strong workforce, including more than 35,000 engineers, in over 40 countries, FORVIA offers a unique and comprehensive approach to today’s and tomorrow’s automotive challenges. FORVIA consists of six business groups with 24 product lines and a strong portfolio with over 14,000 patents. FORVIA strives to become the preferred innovation and integration partner for OEMs worldwide, aiming to identify the transformation in mobility at an early stage to make it a reality.