HELLA Gutmann: Software highlights I Version 71

All innovations at a glance

Below you will find a summary of all the innovations in version 71 (extensions, new functions, new manufacturers and models) under the following link:




WLAN adjustments


- Optimised display for the setting up of a new WLAN access point
- Error during manual changing of a WLAN access point fixed
- Error during updating of WLAN access points fixed
- Reconnect during changing of access points while operation in progress optimised


Extending of Cyber Security Management functions (CSM)


- With software version 71, a total of 746 vehicle models are supported


Extension of models - ADAS/Lighting data


As with the diagnostic functions that are familiar from mega macs, the content and model coverage of these data types, too, are continuously adapted and greatly extended with each new version. So Version 71 now covers 288 different models for ADAS systems and 203 for lighting. (As a comparison: in V70 there were 181 different models for ADAS and 130 models for lighting).

In the e-mobility segment, data is now available for 196 vehicle models.


Extension of models - e-mobility data


- Opel Astra L
- existing model subgroups


Extension of ADAS/Lighting brands


- Alfa Romeo
- Dacia
- Fiat
- Jeep
- Mazda

The "Top Ten" of function optimisations - Version 71

- When closing the dropdown menu
- Crash in KM collective query for some Mercedes-Benz models
- Sporadic errors during updating of MT77 measuring technology module
- Wrong sorting of some parameter systems
- Printout from total query

- Date and time can now be changed according to regions
- Parameters can now be printed from the car historyn

- Stability update improved
- Display of font colours in the status bar / dropdown menu adjusted
- Various service data revised
- Display of some inspection plans revised