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Fiat Idea / Lancia Musa

Hazard warning signal switches on without being activated

If the above-mentioned vehicles are found to have a problem with the hazard warning signal switching itself on without first being activated, the cause may be a defective hazard warning switch.

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Vauxhall Adam

Stop lamps permanently on

If the above-mentioned problem is detected, one possible cause may be incorrect adjustment / positioning of the stop-lamp switch.

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Mazda 2

Low beam is not switched on automatically

If, in the case of the above-mentioned vehicle models with automatic running lights, the headlights are not set on "AUTO" in the headlight control switch, a possible cause of failure may be a defective ambient light sensor.

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Compiled for you – the Top New Product List

Compiled for you – the Top New Product List. Every month we provide you with the Top list of newly available products. Here you'll find a concise summary of all the important information.

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18x Clutch, radiator fan; 16x Compressor, air conditioning; 10x Condenser, air conditioning; 18x Fan, radiator; and many more...

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Renault Espace IV - Cruise control does not maintain the specified cruising speed

Renault Espace IV

Cruise control does not maintain the specified cruising speed

If the above-mentioned problem is detected, one possible cause may be faulty software (engine control unit). 

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VW Touareg - Faulty particle filter regeneration

VW Touareg

Faulty particle filter regeneration

If the above-mentioned problem is identified, one possible cause may be a defective exhaust differential pressure sensor. 

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Vauxhall Vivaro

The engine oil pressure indicator lamp lights up while vehicle is being driven

If the above-mentioned problem is detected in connection with the error codes stated here, there could be two possible causes creating the trouble.

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Renault Espace IV

Discharged battery, engine does not start

If the above-mentioned problem is detected, a possible cause may be a faulty heater fan control relay.

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Coolant radiator replacement

If the coolant radiator is broken, it needs to be replaced.
A few things need to be observed though! In this video we show you what it is in detail.

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HELLA wins gold at New York Festivals

The HELLA film "Passion for Clean Mobility" was awarded "Gold" at the New York TV & Film Festival 2019. The film "Light and Beyond" came among the finalists.

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BMW i3

Service connections for air conditioning system

During maintenance or repair work on the vehicles listed above, the question "Where are the service connections?" arises.

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Programming car keys and changing batteries

In this chapter we would like to take as an example the ignition key with the 3-button radio remote control (folding key) of the Volkswagen Group for the vehicle makes Skoda, Volkswagen and Seat. This vehicle key allows the vehicle to be opened and locked both mechanically and also via radio signals.

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Mazda 3

Display for outside temperature

In the above vehicles, the display for the outside temperature may change of its own accord.

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Audi A1

Exhaust gas recirculation radiator; Engine warning light comes on

If, in the vehicles mentioned above, the error memory indicates an issue with the exhaust gas recirculation, this may be due to a faulty exhaust gas recirculation radiator.

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Opel Astra J Sports Tourer

Replacing the lamps in the tailgate

To replace the lamps, proceed as follows: Switch off the ignition and light switch; Open the tailgate; Remove plastic covers.

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Thermal management in hybrid vehicles

This page provides you with a good overview of the topic of hybrid vehicles: From the basics and system properties, to solutions for thermal management, right up to the special features regarding maintenance and repair work.

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Ford Focus C-Max

Loss of refrigerant

With the above vehicles loss of refrigerant may occur if air-conditioning system lines are broken or cracked.

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Lancia Ypsilon

Malfunction "Third stop light"

If the Lancia Ypsilon is found to have a fault or partial failure affecting the "third" stop light, the possible cause may be individual defective light sources.

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Fiat Grande Punto

Compressor noise with air-conditioning system switched off

With the above vehicles noise may be heard from the engine compartment when idling. The problem however only occurs when the air-conditioning system is switched off and is thus seldom attributed to the air-conditioning system.

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Passion for Clean Mobility

HELLA is shaping mobility of the future. A new generation is committed to bringing technology into balance with the environment. The change can be seen everywhere! Take electric vehicles: You can no longer imagine our roads without them.

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High-Carbon Brake Discs

Jeep Commander

Recirculation air flap malfunction; Flashing AC button

With the above vehicles the function indicator of the AC button may suddenly start flashing at higher speeds.

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Universal Lighting

Customised Light Design!

The great variety of shapes and various combination options paired with a technically optimised product design: the universal, modularly conceived HELLA Shapeline light series is a true innovation in vehicle lighting.

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Acoustic Signal Units

Product Range for Europe 2018-19

In this brochure, HELLA presents its range of acoustic signal units for the European market. HELLA has over 100 years of experience in developing horns and trumpet horns. Our warning signals use state-of-the-art acoustic technologies. Safety, reliability and precision engineering are our main priorities.

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VW Sharan

ESP lamp lights up

If the ESP warning lamp lights up sporadically or permanently in the above vehicles, this may be caused by a faulty lateral acceleration sensor.

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Citroen C5

Irregular engine running

If a customer complains about the above problem, this could be caused by the crankshaft sensor. Defective pins of the two-pin connector may cause the problems listed below.

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Headlight adjustment

Useful information and handy tips relating to the adjustment of vehicle headlamps

On this page find out what requirements must be met for the correct headlamp adjustment, and how both classic and modern lighting systems can be tested.

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