HELLA product highlights for mining machinery

In our HELLA highlights, you will find innovative lighting and electronics products as well as promising developments with future potential. HELLA uses its research, engineering and logistic expertise to produce lighting products that are designed to world class standards that can be used in mining applications all over the world. We use appropriate, proven technologies and methods to provide the mining operation with an engineering-based, application-focused, customised solution. The system design not only complies with the relevant occupational health and safety regulations, but also with real life maintenance and operational needs. Whether you are looking for our renown ZEROGLARE work lights or green signal lights, HELLA is familiar with the needs of the mining industry and offers the right solutions.

  • Available in 4 variants: Close Range, Long Range, Combi and Diffuse Flood
  • Complete corrosion resistant
  • Easy to mount and adjust


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RokLUME S700

  • Developed specifically for mining applications
  • Highly efficient light distribution
  • Suitable for energy saving lighting instalation


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  • Developed specifically for mining applications
  • High impact hardcoated PC lens
  • Light distribution optimized for mining machinery
  • ZEROGLARE version available


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Advanced design techniques: HELLA RokLUME 380N

  • 10024544a_AM0
  • High Impact Nylon Lens
  • Heavy duty bracket resists against vibrations
  • Compact size suitable for all mining machinery


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The perfect work light for tough mining conditions: HELLA RokLUME 280N

  • Developed specifically for Mining applications
  • Thermo Pro plastic housing
  • Compact size with powerful light output


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RokLUME 190 TP

  • Rotating and flashing
  • Amber, blue, red, green or white


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DuraRAY 4.0

  • High visibility for service vehicles
  • Different length


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The perfect accessory for your utility vehicle: HELLA LED Buggy Whip

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HELLA NanoSafe Technology for mining machines

Learn about our new NanoSafe HELLA technology

No interference in radio communication: HELLA RFCommSafe

Going beyond CISPR15 and UNECE RFCommSafe standards

Lumen Measurement
Lumen Measurement: HELLA standards for testing of LED fixtures

Lumen Measurement is a standard for testing the total luminous flux of LED fixtures