CIPOS® technology


Contactless inductive position sensor technology - when it comes to precise position measurement. With CIPOS®, HELLA utilizes an innovative technology that offers the highest measurement accuracy. Find out in which products it is installed and what advantages it offers you here.


What does CIPOS® mean?

CIPOS® stands for Contactless Inductive Position Sensor. This technology provides high reliability, high measurement speed, and accuracy, as well as excellent temperature stability. Chemical resistance and mechanical robustness are further advantages.


Especially in the automotive and commercial vehicle environment, robust and reliable sensor technologies are an absolute must. HELLA’s CIPOS® position sensors not only defy the temperature fluctuations that are unavoidable in everyday use, they are also insensitive to the effects of potentially disruptive magnetic fields.


The Contactless Inductive Position Sensor (CIPOS®) offers the great advantage over many comparable systems that it operates completely contactless, and thus wear-free. The angle determination is carried out purely inductively; undesirable material wear is avoided. A high measurement accuracy is likewise guaranteed throughout the entire lifetime of the sensor.


The sensors based on CIPOS® technology are characterized by mechanical resilience and resistance to chemicals. The tolerance with regard to temperature fluctuations and against the disruptive influence of electromagnetic fields underscore the robustness of the CIPOS® sensors.

In which products is the CIPOS® technology (contactless inductive position sensor) installed?

CIPOS® technology is used in pedal sensors as well as angular position and steering angle sensors. But CIPOS® technology can also be found in actuators such as the smart universal rotary actuator (Smart URA), the pressure boost valve actuator, and the turbo actuator.


Universal rotary actuator (Smart URA)

The CIPOS® technology is integrated into the Smart URA and, in conjunction with high torque, ensures that seed is metered and singled accurately, for example. Another area of application in which the Smart URA is successfully used is the cooling circuits of various vehicle segments. The Smart URA controls the coolant valve and thus enables variable coolant flow, allowing for precise regulation of heat quantities.


Upright and pendant pedal sensors

The contactless measurement also makes the use of CIPOS® sensors in pedal sensors interesting, as the electrical output signal is obtained using the CIPOS® measuring principle. Whether upright or pendant, HELLA pedal sensors are used in a wide range of vehicles, from sports cars or electric vehicles to commercial vehicles.


Angular position sensors

With the aid of CIPOS® sensors, angles are measured precisely and reliably inductively, i.e. angle determination is done via a contactless, and thus wear-free, process. The accelerator pedal position for recording the torque requirement for the engine control system, the throttle valve position for throttle control, likewise the measurement of the vehicle level or the position measurements of adjustable elements are only some of the possible applications.


Turbo actuators (UTA)

Moving the shaft to the position specified by the control unit – this is the main function of the Universal Turbo Actuator. In addition to the CIPOS® sensor for precise position determination,

the integrated electronics also include motor control and fault diagnosis. Errors are thus detected at an early stage and reported back in order to automatically derive appropriate responses.

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