Electronics - overview

Intelligent Battery Sensor (IBS): HELLA Electronics for mining
  • For use in starter, gel and AGM batteries to monitor in-vehicle starter or consumer batteries
  • Direct integration into the vehicle electric system via standardized LIN protocol
  • Key element of energy management


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Energy Management: HELLA Intelligent Battery Sensor

  • Design specifically for use under harsh conditions
  • Convenient unlocking of the cab door
  • Can activate lamps (e.g. worklights or beacons) via additional control unit with up to four output signals


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Comfort and convenience: HELLA Radio Control System

  • Continuous measurement of the engine oil level in the static (engine stopped) and dynamic range (engine running)
  • Compact sensor architecture with a multi-chip module
  • Integrated temperature sensor


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Recording the liquid level: HELLA PULS Oil Level Sensor

  • Precise angle measurement in various application areas under harsh environmental conditions
  • Insensitivity to magnetic fields and high temperature stability using CIPOS technology
  • Inductive measurement using non-contact, wear-free processes


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Inductive measurement: HELLA Rotation Angle Sensor

  • Designed specifically for vehicles with steeply sloped windshields
  • Rain sensor
    Detects various rain situations and controls the windshield wipers
  • Light sensor
    Switches low beams on/off in various light conditions


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Compact shape: HELLA Rain / Light Sensor

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HELLA NanoSafe Technology for mining machines

Learn about our new NanoSafe HELLA technology

No interference in radio communication: HELLA RFCommSafe

Going beyond CISPR15 and UNECE RFCommSafe standards

Lumen Measurement
Lumen Measurement: HELLA standards for testing of LED fixtures

Lumen Measurement is a standard for testing the total luminous flux of LED fixtures