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Technical product information

Product-related technical information from HELLA

In this database, you will find technical information on our products and certain vehicle systems – compiled by experienced technicians and mechanics. You can search the database by entering multiple keywords, for instance the product, relevant system or components, and also filter the information using the categories (for example, lighting, electronics, etc.).

Thermal Management
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HELLA CORE-FREE STARTERS AND ALTERNATORS No surcharge. No core return policy. 3-year warranty. Core-Free PREMIUM STARTERS AND ALTERNATORS FROM THE BRAND YOU CAN TRUST Core-Free FEATURES AND BENEFITS • 3-year warranty • Easy to purchase with no surcharge and no core return policy • Premium range at a competitive price • Manufactured and tested to stringent OE specifications through HELLA's Competence Centre ...


Coolant pumps | BEHR HELLA. General. Coolant pumps (Figure 1) are mostly driven mechanically, by a toothed belt or V-ribbed belt, and transport the coolant through the engine's coolant circuit. The pumps can be flanged directly to the engine or also installed away from it. The designs are quite different. Coolant pumps must withstand huge variations in temperature (-40 °C to approx. ...


Toothed belt / coolant pump kits | BEHR HELLA. General. When replacing the toothed belt, all components of the belt drive should be replaced with it. For this purpose, Behr Hella Service offers complete kits (Fig. 1) including coolant pump, toothed belt, as well as any tension, deflection, and guide rollers that may be needed, and dampers and seals. This eliminates the time-consuming search for individual components. ...


Oil coolers for hydrodynamic retarders | BEHR HELLA. General. Hydrodynamic retarders (working with liquids) are used in commercial vehicles in order to support the actual brake system as an almost wear-free hydrokinetic brake. The kinetic energy is turned into heat through the deceleration caused by the flow speed of the oil, and this must be transferred back to the cooling ...


Intake manifold pressure sensor with integrated intake air temperature sensor | HELLA. General. The intake manifold pressure sensor measures the intake manifold vacuum that exists in the intake manifold after the throttle. The measured values of the intake manifold pressure sensor and the intake air temperature sensor are required to calculate the intake air mass. Depending ...


Electrical exhaust gas recirculation valve | HELLA. Failure causes and troubleshooting. General information. EGR valves are installed in a bypass channel between the intake manifold and the exhaust manifold. Recirculating part of the exhaust gas volume can reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx). The EGR valve is activated by the engine control unit. The exhaust gas ...


The range extender | HELLA. General information. The range extender (Figure 1) is used, in many applications, including in electric vehicles (eg Opel Ampera, Chevrolet Volt, BMW i3). It is an additional unit that extends the range of the electric vehicle. Range extenders usually take the form of internal combustion engines, which drive an alternator in order to supply the electric motor and accumulators with current. Figure 1. Function. ...


The Diesel Particulate Filter System DPF | HELLA. General information. In order to maintain the prescribed emission limit values, a diesel particulate filter that is also known as DPF is used in vehicles with diesel engines. The diesel particulate filter comprises a ceramic structure that has a honeycomb structure where the surface technology has been coated with precious metals. Currently two DPF systems are mainly used. With additive and without additive. ...


Maintenance information for brake caliper - Pushing the brake pistons back | HELLA PAGID. Maintenance information for brake caliper. Pushing the brake pistons back. General information. In order to perform repairs on a brake system properly, the mechanic requires the correct tool. Before new brake pads are installed, the brake pistons in the brake caliper must be pushed back. Professional brake mechanics do this using a brake piston reset tool. ...


The Secondary Air System | HELLA. General Information. This system further lowers the HC (hydrocarbon) and CO (carbon monoxide) values during the cold start phase (catalytic converter not yet active). A conversion rate of over 90 percent is achieved using a 3-way catalytic converter in stoichiometrically operated gasoline engines. On average, up to 80 percent of the emissions of a driving cycle are emitted during a cold start. ...