macsRemote Services, remote coding & calibration

macsRemote Services

With macsRemote Services, Hella Gutmann provides you with the individual measure required for your customer vehicle as a service on request.

Digital services from a distance

Digital services from a distance

When the digital job seems impossible or simply uneconomical for you

Hand on heart, there are situations in everyday workshop life when you reach your limits. Because, in light of the increasingly software-based, complex vehicle systems, virtually no one can carry out all measures on vehicles themselves these days, whether that's because they don't have data or access authorisations, because the vehicle model is brand new and not yet included in the diagnostic device's regular software, or because the appropriate calibration board is not yet available. Before now, in scenarios like these, the vehicle inevitably ended up at the vehicle manufacturer's authorised workshop.

But here's the good news:today, the expert teams at Hella Gutmann are by your side in this scenario too: the technical call centre provides advice and the remote service centre provides action. Hella Gutmann's remote experts can use remote access to carry out coding, software activation and calibration for you, for example. And they can do this on around 70 vehicle makes.

The icing on the cake of practical support in everyday workshop life

In contrast to the advisory assistance provided by the technical call centre, which is linked to using Hella Gutmann diagnostic devices, Hella Gutmann Remote Services are open to all workshops and car dealerships without restriction. All that is required on site in the workshop is the macsRemote device with a stable connection to the internet. You can then request that a Hella Gutmann remote expert remotely performs the required individual digital measure on the relevant customer vehicle for you. This saves you valuable time, maintains your independence and also allows you to retain customers with the latest vehicles.

Currently, our remote services are available in seven countries. You do not have to make a contractual commitment to use them. After completing the one-time registration, simply go to and select the vehicle and the service you want. The vehicle and costs specific to the case are displayed. Order the service with a click and wait briefly for the online response from the remote expert. Payment is based on the pay-per-use principle. It couldn't be simpler or more transparent!

With the exception of ADAS calibrations, which require a CSC-Tool on site, no other workshop equipment is required for the services listed.

  • Calibrating front camera systems
  • Calibrating radar and lidar systems
  • Calibrating rear cameras and 360° surveillance systems
  • Code, reset and unlock replaced components and parts, e.g. steering, gearbox, headlamps
  • Coding new accessories/functions, e.g. trailer coupling (OE and aftermarket) and cruise control
  • Service reset (including that for secured vehicles, e.g. via Security Gateway)
  • Storing the maintenance record in the multimedia system at BMW
  • Resetting AdBlue warnings
  • Programming the key remote control
  • Reading and clearing error codes on the latest vehicles

Downloads suitable for macsRemote Services

Step by step to the measure you want

Step by step to the measure you want

  • Connect the macsRemote device to the vehicle via the OBD interface
  • Online registration via the browser on the individual notebook, PC or tablet
  • Select vehicle and desired service Cost review ordered
  • View and order costs
  • Be available to talk with the remote expert while the service is completed at the workstation. If necessary, manual operations, such as switching the ignition on and off etc., must be carried out on the vehicle.
  • Retrieve and save documentation of the service performed
  • Pay the invoice at the end of the month
  • macsRemote-Dev
  • Operating device with any operating system & browser integrated into your workshop network (tablet, notebook, PC)
  • Stable, uninterrupted internet connection
  • Stable enough WLAN signal at the workstation
  • Alternatively, use a LAN cable between the router and the macsRemote device
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