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With our free newsletter, every two weeks HELLA will provide you with the latest news from the HELLA TECH WORLD, such as:

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  • Technical information – from basic knowledge to diagnostics tips
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HELLA'S magazine for the Independent Aftermarket

Welcome to HELLA's INSIGHT magazine. Aimed at the technician, the content includes technical-focused articles and latest product developments. To enhance the readers experience, we have formatted the magazine into dedicated brand and product segments, starting with HELLA products, HELLA GUTMANN Solutions diagnostic tools and equipment, Behr Hella Service thermal range, HELLA Hengst filtration and SONNE paint. 

INSIGHT Issue 15
PDF Download 4.23 MB
  • HELLA TECH WORLD – online technical support at your fingertips
  • Battery management for the 21st Century
  • Camera Calibration: A step by step guide to checking the axle alignment
  • EGR Coolers for hybrid and fully-electric cars
  • The importance of the humble air filter
INSIGHT Issue 14
PDF Download 33.58 MB
  • Daytime Running Lights - so what are the advantages?
  • Practical experience: Good reasons to replace the cabin filter regularly
  • Best practice for headlamp adjustment
  • The importance of high quality oil in the Compressor
  • Strengthen your potential with the BHS Advanced Training Academy
INSIGHT Issue 13
PDF Download 7.78 MB
  • HELLA Launches new Intelligent Battery Sensor
  • Winter service pack
  • Pass Thru with mega macs
  • Golden Sensor campaign
  • Automechanika, Frankfurt highlights
INSIGHT Issue 12
PDF Download 3.20 MB
  • Don’t go round in circles with Rotating Electrics faults
  • Driver Assist Sytems from HELLA
  • Calibration made easy - using mega macs
  • The importance of Water Pumps from Behr Hella Service
  • HELLA launches new SONNE paint line